Partnership with Pro Physio

“Wealth is much, satisfaction is more, health is everything.”

Pro Physio’s mission statement is the basis on which we established our partnership in 2017. Pro Physio has supported us in the context of our workplace health promotion and accompanied us on our way to a healthy work-life balance.

Pro Physio’s highly qualified team treats patients with various syndromes and their assorted characteristics at two locations on a daily basis. The employees stand out due to a high degree of competence, professionalism and reliability.

The services range from classical physiotherapy, manual therapy, lymph drainage, PNF, Bobath and Vojta to sports physiotherapy (DOSB), treatments for craniomandibular dysfunctions (CMD), respiratory therapy and many more.

On a regular basis, Pro Physio offers various courses at consenso’s head office in Bielefeld on the subject of “back health”. From stretching programs via bodyweight exercises and “Thera-Band” through to fascia training or Tabata; here the employees have the opportunity to get active, to burn off energy or just to free their mind and relax for a short while.

Furthermore, Pro Physio has supported our popular in-house football tournament and has lectured on subjects such as “Workplace health promotion – what’s this?”, “Strains on the back at work” and “Interesting facts on running” in the course of employee events.

Since 2018, we have organised joint triathlon training camps on Mallorca. For one week, consenso’s tri-team is then prepared by Pro Physio in cooperation with tri-coach Alex Brämer for the competitive season.

In future, consenso will continue to develop the subject health of our team even further and stay open to new ideas. How else should we enable continuous innovations?



Fitness App

Insufficient exercise and frequent unhealthy diets increase the strains at work significantly. Whereas a healthy lifestyle helps you achieve satisfaction and well-being.

For that reason, we have set ourselves the goal to optimise our employees’ fitness state and thus health. In collaboration with Pro Physio, 4Runners Network and the “Department für Sport und Gesundheit” (department for sports and health) of the University of Paderborn, consenso has developed a fitness program with a corresponding app encouraging the activity of our employees.

First and foremost, consenso’s workplace health program shall address and “set in motion” the employees less motivated in sports. However, this does not mean that the anyway athletic employees are drifting out of focus. They shall be motivated to maintain or even improve their current fitness state.

For this purpose, all employees were divided into performance groups first. So, everybody can be supported individually and led to his/her objectives at best possible conditions.

To manage their own sports activities, the employees are provided with consenso’s app “confit”. In addition to training plans and video tutorials, the fitness app is the core of consenso’s evaluation and reward system for any kind of sports activity.

Evaluation is carried out via a point system which is deliberately kept simple. You will be rewarded with points for any kind of activity. Regardless of the type of sport performed for more than 30 minutes. The employees can enter the activities manually in the app. However, the automated transfer of data from fitness trackers into the app is also possible. And, at the end of each saison, the best of every performance group can be in for some small surprises.


Team Building

“We were a team: we worked together, we solved problems together, and finally we reached the summit together.” This sentence originates from Edmund Hillary, the first conqueror of the Mount Everest.

But it could also have been us to say that. Projects are demanding. In most cases more than any individual can contribute. Thus, project work is always team work, too. And as a team we are more efficient, the better we know and mind each other as well as our strengths and weaknesses, the better we work together constructively and pursue the goals together.

As in sports.

So, what could be more obvious than the thought to boost team spirit through joint sporting activities. Our fitness app is just a starting point.

The consenso Soccer Master has already taken place two times in the context of our annual summer party. Teams with 5 field players each plus goalkeeper compete against each other in the tournament on a reduced football/soccer field.

Since 2018, triathlon has been on the program. Following a joint training program, consenso’s tri-team will compete at Hamburg Wasser World Triathlon in summer. In the Olympic distance, 1.5 km of swimming, 40 km cycling and 10 km running must be mastered. Along the tourist hotspots of Hamburg’s city centre.

And just because we do not want to miss out on fun, there are also “smaller” events – such as the table football tournament hosted by 70 highly motivated colleagues at the Obersee in Bielefeld in 2019. After 150 matches and a total of 1,290 goals the award ceremony finally started! Or e.g. the AOK corporate run leading the almost 30 participants through the Old Town of Bielefeld for a stretch of about 5 km and ending at the townhall square – with fresh beer helping against the high summer temperatures.

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