SAP Omnichannel POS by GK – Implementation at Jacques’ Wein-Depot

16th January 2020

Jacques’ Wein-Depot with its 320 depots is changing from a traditional wine retailer to an omni-channel supplier, and thus is continuously growing.

Staying with the motto “after the project is before the project”, and following the successful implementation of SAP Retail on HANA, Jacques’ chose consenso as implementation partner for its new project plans.

The objective of the new project of Jacques’ was to convert the existing POS systems of all depots to SAP Omnichannel POS by GK.

The expected result are new POS systems that are fully integrated into the existing SAP system landscape, that can be operated online and offline and, at the same time, are capable of mapping the different infrastructural requirements per depot.

Currently, depending on the size of the depot, one or two stationary POS are used.
Jacques’ chose a solution providing the possibility to connect also mobile devices, such as tablets via mPOS, the mobile variant of SAP OmniPOS, in future.

The old POS solution, an in-house development grown over 30 years, contained a lot of functions for store merchandise management and the reporting of the depots – enabling among other things inventories, goods receipt and other goods movements via the POS solution. In part, also article maintenance took place here.

But comprehensive processes united in one solution demand a lot of maintenance and might cause discontent as a “single point of failure” – in the depot as well as at the customers.

By using SAP Omnichannel POS by GK Jacques’ goes back to standard processes – thus consequently sticking with the maxim that has made the SAP Retail implementation a success.

In the course of an analysis phase prior to the implementation (the so-called “discover phase”), every process of the old POS solution was put to the test and evaluated.
In future, all retailing processes as well as the reporting will not be processed by the POS anymore but by a new platform – SAP CAR (Customer Activity Repository).

One of the advantages of this architecture is the spatial independence from the depot.
In the past, a depot operator had to drive to his/her depot in order to, e.g., book a stock transfer or create a customer order. Today, this task can conveniently be handled via a mobile device from everywhere – thus saving time and money.

In collaboration with Jacques’, consenso has developed several apps centrally available on the SAP CAR system, which can alternatively be called and used via the POS interface, a tablet or a depot PC.

SAP Fiori is the interface technology used. Each app was developed as a native Fiori app. The HANA database underlying the SAP CAR guarantees sufficient performance, even when the apps are used simultaneously and by many devices in the different depots.

SAP CAR also serves as reporting platform. Using the virtual data model “Multichannel Sales Analysis (MCSA)” based on SAP Smart Business various reports and real-time analyses have been provided, showing the relevant KPIs for every depot, thus making them comparable.

The project started in June 2018; the first pilot depot went live in April 2019.

During the two-month stabilisation phase until Mai 2019, further reports were launched on a weekly basis.
The mass rollout that started in June 2019, was completed in due time until October 2019, and thus ended before the Christmas business so important for Jacques’.
In November 2019, all new POS were “online” with SAP Omnichannel POS by GK.

There are various reasons explaining this very short project duration:

  • A strong commitment at Jacques’ to use standard SAP – without any major adjustments to the POS software,
  • the direct involvement of deport holders and business departments in all project phases,
  • the use of SAP PO as middleware for the realisation of the interfaces as well as
  • the use of SAP CAR as platform for the retailing processes and the reporting in the depots.

By using SAP Omnichannel POS by GK in interaction with SAP CAR and SAP Retail, Jacques’ consciously and consistently pursues its SAP strategy. Together we are confident that, this way, Jacques’ has laid the foundation to fulfil the future market requirements in areas such as omni-channel or customer insights.


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