Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing - Best motor for your logistics chain

The integration of interdisciplinary processes along the entire logistics chain – our supply chain management combines process consulting with SAP applications.

Here, we focus on…

  • the holistic process evaluation in logistics, from engineering via sales, supply chain, sourcing and procurement, manufacturing trough to service,
  • the integrative view on accounting and
  • the cross-company integration of the supply chain with VMI, collaborative planning etc.

Thus, we support you i.a. in the optimisation of the following processes:

  • Product development with integrated calculation and offer preparation
  • Forecast-based sales and production plans
  • Integrated sales and service processes with cross-cutting availability check
  • Inbound logistics with sourcing and procurement
  • Production logistics with disposition, finite production planning, quality management and maintenance as well as industry 4.0
  • Warehouse logistics with IM, WM/eWM
  • Distribution logistics with LE and TM