Digitisation of the “fair solution” based on SAP Fiori

25th May 2018

Twice a year, the wholesaler EDEKA Rhein-Ruhr in Moers hosts a so-called “Hausmesse” (in-house fair) – for retailers of EDEKA and trinkgut, the specialised beverage trade belonging to EDEKA. The retailers are invited to the fair, gain insights into the current assortments and can place orders for the purpose of advance sales at favourable conditions.

Some weeks before the fair, for this purpose, the retailers obtain a printed catalogue by which they can inform and orient themselves prior to and at the fair, and in which they can note the required quantities per article. At the end of the trade fair day, the catalogue is handed over to the wholesaler who transfers the orders manually from the catalogue into the system for further processing.

Today, the new “fair solution” developed by consenso replaces this process. All products formerly shown in the catalogue are now entered via the SAP Fiori application. EDEKA and trinkgut fair follow the same process.

Now, the retailers can already access the data in the Fiori app prior to the fair, either via a classic desktop solution or directly via iPad. There, they choose the required articles, enter the respective order quantity and move the articles to the shopping cart.

At the fair itself, every supplier is provided with several iPads. The Fiori app is executed in the devices’ browser. At the fair reception, every retailer obtains a QR code. This code serves the purpose of logging in at the stand of the supplier via iPad in order to get access to one’s shopping cart.

In direct conversation with the supplier at his stand, the retailer can thus add or delete articles and change order quantities. At the end of the fair, the articles in the retailers’ shopping carts are converted into purchase orders.

And the solution is capable of even more.

Thus, for example, also seasonal articles can be entered and transmitted electronically to the advertising agency, which will then prepare the order documents and create a seasonal catalogue.

In the course of the solution implementation, the entire process from data entry via the order documents through to fair processing has been digitalised. The intuitive and easy operation of the Fiori apps has been very well accepted by the users.

Technically, the fair solution runs on an SAP CAR system, master data are replicated via SDI into the HANA database.



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