SAP CodeJam “SAP Leonardo Machine Learning” at consenso in Bielefeld

26th September 2018

On Friday, 9th November 2018, consenso hosted the SAP CodeJam on the topic “SAP Leonardo Machine Learning with SAP HANA, express edition”.

What does “machine learning” mean?

Machine learning uses sophisticated algorithms to “learn” from enormous big data volumes. The greater the data volume the algorithms have access to, the more they learn. Examples for the use of machine learning can be found everywhere in real life. Just think of the personalised recommendations of products on Amazon, face recognition on Facebook or the proposals for your quickest route on Google Maps.

Machine Learning Foundation

SAP is developing a platform for developers and partners to enable quicker creation of applications for machine learning. These services will be open to developers as APIs. In this way, you can easily integrate functions for machine learning into existing applications. SAP and its partner network are constantly developing new applications to further extend this service offering.

SAP CodeJam “Machine Learning” on Friday, 11/09/2018 in Bielefeld

SAP CodeJam presents SAP Leonardo machine learning with SAP HANA, an express end-to-end scenario showing you how to integrate various technologies in the creation of your solutions to work together. Participants get access to tools, sandboxes, interactive time with experts and much more.

SAP CodeJam is offered in cooperation of SAP and consenso

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