consenso's Intelligent

Sales Audit Solution

Legally compliant and audit-proof archiving of receipt data, fast and user-friendly access.

Our tried-and-tested solution for archiving your receipt data

Compliance with GDPR is of great importance for companies in Germany to ensure legal compliance and the reliability of their business processes. Thorough analysis of the requirements, appropriate technological support and continuous monitoring are needed to meet the legal requirements.

consenso offers you an efficient solution for the audit-proof and legally compliant archiving of your receipt data and thus a reliable method for storing and organising large amounts of data, fulfilling the legal requirements for data security as well as compliance and effectively supporting your accounting.

The tried-and-tested consenso receipt data framework, our "Intelligent Sales Audit Solution", is an innovative solution that intelligently combines different technologies thus promising not only secure and cost-efficient integration into SAP processes, but also easy management and quick retrieval of the stored information.

By using our Sales Audit Solution, immediate conformity with the statutory framework parameters can be achieved. Thanks to a very uncomplicated, user-centred UI and clear process flows, the training effort for your employees is kept to a minimum.

Here are some key factors to ensure the success of the solution:

  • A plug-in allows us to expand your POS system in such a way that every transaction is stored directly from the POS in a central archive system. This means that large amounts of data can be stored easily and transparently without any additional effort for the end user. Automated organisation and indexing make it much easier to access the required information. Using the audit-proof archiving system ensures that data is stored securely in accordance with legal and industry-specific regulations.
  • Quick and precise searches for archived data allow employees to utilise their working time efficiently. This results in an overall increase in productivity and a reduction in data management costs, particularly in financial accounting and at the POS locations. All relevant documents can be displayed in an SAP Fiori dashboard for progressive (from receipt to financial accounting) and retrograde (from financial accounting to receipt) checks in SAP across system boundaries (document flow).
  • consenso's Sales Audit Solution is implemented according to the "Clean Core" paradigm of SAP's enhancement concept for SAP S/4HANA. Document storage and linking of relevant information in the standard SAP data model are thus guaranteed.

The successful implementation of receipt data archiving has resulted not only in optimised data storage and management for our customers, but also contributes to improved process quality. The clever use of modern technologies ensures that data protection and compliance requirements are met, operational efficiency is increased and the overall costs of data management are reduced at the same time.