Project Management

Know and use methods appropriate to the situation to achieve the best possible effect.


We live our projects!

Our customers can rest assured that project realisation with consenso will be better than with any other service provider.

Why? We manage projects more effectively and efficiently as we do not only feel responsible for the project, but also for the project’s success, and thus are not only concerned, but involved.

The large number of successful projects – from system introduction through to the implementation of complete transformation programs – confirms consenso’s success documented in the comprehensive customer references.

consenso does not take the dogmatic approach. consenso’s employees know various methods and tools and apply them in a customer-oriented way. Simple to-do lists, minutes, Gant diagrams, milestone trend analysis or earned-value method, the procedures are known. It is a matter of using the methods best suitable for the situation in order to achieve the best possible effect.

Thus, we distinguish between a minimum standard that must not be undershot in any project and additional requirements to be determined depending on the customer, project type and project phase prior to the project itself. Project controlling, risk as well as quality management are integral parts of any project, whereat we place special value on content support and management of the project.

Project success is ensured by the customers’ employees and consenso’s consultants by assuming responsibility, feeling responsible for the success and their competency. This composed performance is what makes project management a success. Not the methods, but the people make the difference.

consenso project management does not just mean to apply state-of-the-art techniques of project management. Above all, we understand project management as an important communication and management task to the benefit of our customers.