“In the context of the workshop “Management IT Programs”, we could enormously benefit from consenso’s specialist knowledge and pave the way for joint major projects. We look forward to cooperating with such a competent partner.”



The company was founded under the name “Matsushita Denki Kigu Seisakujo” by Kōnosuke Matsushita together with the siblings Mumeno (Kōnosuke’s later wife) and Toshio Iue (later founder of Sanyo) on 7th March 1918. In the 1970s and 1080s, the company developed numerous innovations, e.g. the direct drive for turntables in 1970, or the video standard VHS developed by Matsushita’s subsidiary JVC in 1977, that finally won the format war (video recorder) in the home user sector. Matsushita also belonged to the consortium of companies which developed the CD standard. Since 1990, Matsushita/Panasonic has been actively involved in (among others): DVD standard, video systems DV and DVC-Pro as well as plasma screens in HD quality.