Adapted to business requirements:

Your IT-Strategy

More than almost any other consulting firm, consenso has experience in designing and implementing complex application system architectures.

The basis of every IT strategy is the individual evaluation of our customers

Today, the IT strategy of companies is increasingly interlinked with the business strategy. Business requirements and IT developments are “aligned”, since the business details the requirements and helps design the IT architecture once an integrated methodology is applied.

In particular, this involves increasing IT efficiency. This is only possible through sufficient prioritisation of the business department’s requirements, the business demand. The prerequisite for this is an integrative view on business and IT.

Like scarcely any other consultancy in Europe, consenso has gained experience in the conceptual design and implementation of complex application architectures for trading companies. We are “trained” to support trading companies in the effective integration of IT into the company.

In a structured process, starting from our customers’ business requirements, we work together to develop target architectures and transfer the as-is state to the target vision, thus defining the IT strategy.

Considered in detail, we follow a 6-phase model. The focus lies on the formulation of the future capabilities rather than on seemingly excessive detailing of processes that show insufficient stability due to environmental dynamics.

Picture: 6-phase model defining IT strategy

Within this context, we pursue architectural principles allowing quick and implementation-oriented working. This is how we find solutions yielding the best possible result for the customer.

Picture: Architectural principles