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Studies successfully completed. And now? My career start at consenso

My career start at consenso was very warm and easy.

I was quickly admitted into a group of young people, and the relaxed and humorous atmosphere between the colleagues instantly dispelled all my initial concerns that might come along with the first job after university.

In the second working week already, I started to work at the customer which suited me perfectly. Instead of hitting the books for months, I could gain my first practical experiences.

In parallel, there was a comprehensive training plan for all starters providing an overview of all processes in all business sectors, presented by qualified colleagues with numerous practical examples.

You constantly keep learning and are supported by the colleagues, enabling you to solve tasks and problems independently. In my case, this motivated me to take over more and more topics and tasks within the project.

The following project provided me with many new and totally different tasks so that I could make further progress. The strongly increasing project responsibility resulted in my first own sub-project, which – of course – was also successfully implemented! Lächelnd

Every time I am astonished when I realise that I have been part of consenso for about three years already.

During this time, I have learned such a lot, have had international projects, have been assigned as sub-project manager of various undertakings and have met great colleagues that you definitely can also call friends. I have learned to grow with my tasks and the constantly increasing responsibility, always knowing that I can rely on my experienced colleagues where necessary.

Of course, it is the projects and challenges that make me stay, however, I have also come to deeply appreciate the big family into which you are admitted!

Sounds like MY HOME PORT, I would say!

Jennifer Pubanz, SAP Consultant (in November 2019)



My experiences with SAP Retail mass rollout
or: With consenso in Europe's most beautiful industrial areas

One Sunday morning, we started our last go-live of an SAP Retail mass rollout in the regional companies of an Europe-wide acting food retailer.

At this point in time, we still thought that, as usual, we would be able to send our internal "success report" on the completed go-live via email to our colleagues in the project team and consenso's management at about 15:00 h in the afternoon. We would never have expected that, in the end, we could only hit the send button with a one-day delay. But finally, we could proudly announce that the last company in the European mass rollout was successfully converted to SAP.

I had been the last team member to join the retail rollout. However - or maybe also because of this fact - it was a very intensive time for me, that provided a lot but also demanded much. At the beginning, our journey started by visiting the German industrial areas, later on, we could extend our radius to large parts of Europe - an area somewhere between Aalborg and Sevilla. And the journeys have left us with many unforgettable impressions.

So, Torben is planning his avocational career as an author. His debut book - a travel guide entitled "Europe¹s most beautiful industrial areas - 1,000 places to see before you die" - will surely become a bestseller. We travelled the probably hundreds of thousands of travel kilometres alternately by car, by train, by ship or plane, thus covering almost the entire mobility range. Our travel destinations were as different as the experiences we could gather on site. Greiz definitely is totally different to Madrid. The same applied to the supply situation. While some sites set a very high standard with SAP cocktail bars and chocolate specialities, with homemade cakes and real French champagne, other sites brought us back down to earth with tap water and cold pizza.

However, what remained the same was the gratitude of the customer's employees on site, who always appreciated our support and were impressed by the work commitment of the consenso colleagues. We developed a very friendly relationship especially with the colleagues in the customer's regional IT departments located in other European countries. And, three years ago, I never would have thought that I would start to learn French one day.

But what made the rollout really special was always the team spirit in our internal teams that extended far beyond the limits of the work. We laughed together, discussed, ate and drank together, wandered through national parks, rode the rollercoaster, went shopping, tried to hit the Eurojackpot; sometimes, we also argued or fairly shared the 120 Euro ticket for illegal parking like Muhammed and I did. In the end, we could always and in every respect rely on the colleagues - a valuable realisation when you also spend most of your spare time with your colleagues due to your work situation. A burden for your private relationships? Not necessarily - a French employee of the customer pointed out to us that it can also be of advantage when you simply don't have the time to argue with your partner because you spend most of the time with your colleagues. The French really understand what love is about.Zwinkernd

So, I consider it my duty to thank the whole team for enabling the implementation of the rollout in this form. Personally, I would like to express my special thanks to my "professional telephone jokers" Jenny, Marc and Serdar. But also Nora, Torben, Simon und Muhammed who have showed understanding for every grumpy question and never lost their belief in me finally arriving at the breakfast table. When we needed support, our project manager, Max, was available at any time at day and night, thus sacrificing probably the most weekends of us all. Also the back office has always supported us excellently, no matter whether someone got stuck at the Amsterdam airport, came back with a flood of travel receipts, needed to rebook the dozenth flight or to book a hotel room that could only be done by phone and in French, or if I broke the VPN again somehow. Florian even endured the ingenious invention of the A1 forms. Many thanks to all.

Next year, with the completion of the mass rollout, there will actually be "only" two more companies waiting for their conversion to SAP Retail. My chance to gather some more basic knowledge in two further languages. But we will bother about that after New Year¹s Eve. Until then, we will enjoy the last days of this year and in this rollout on site at the customer. And after completion of the go-live support, we will arrive "at home" just in time for the X-mas party - to a welcome with a big applause!

Florian Schütte, SAP Consultant (in December 2019)


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