Digitalisation framework

Increase digital maturity level, generate measurable benefits.

Digital use cases for your processes.
More rapid, more efficient, more cost-effective, more digital.

Our core business as an SAP consultancy is the SAP S/4HANA transformation. From conversion to new implementation, either greenfield, brownfield or hybrid, consenso is your ideal implementation partner for the transformation of your ERP systems into the new SAP S/4HANA world – in record time.

We focus on the sectors of retail and consumer products. Consciously – since we can draw on many years of experience and a deep understanding of the processes involved, and thus stand for cooperation on an equal footing with our customers. This is how we achieve the fundamental goals of your IT strategy together.

But there is more to it than that – for you and for us. The age of digital transformation and the opportunities arising from topics such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, the Internet of Things, big data or robotics must be exploited. Digitalisation is a chance for you to stay one step ahead of your competitors.

We use the new technologies...

  • to enhance the established and perfectly integrated SAP standard processes and to benefit from pushing the existing limits of the standard solution.
  • In this, we stick to the standard data model.
  • We use SAP's on-board resources for our digital services or rely on solutions from established third-party providers.
  • Our services and solutions can be further developed in-house as required.
  • True to the principle "keep the core clean", we refrain from modifications during implementation.

We have summarised the essential elements of our digital actions in our digitalisation framework:


Illustration: Our digitalisation framework (An excerpt of our digital assessments and services)


Our digitalisation framework – your digital transformation. This is how we increase your digital maturity level and generate measurable benefits!

We offer a wide range of digital services and solutions that can take your processes to the next level:


Digital Service Brief description
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) In the future, so-called bots will take care of previously manual process steps, independently and self-learning through artificial intelligence
Test automation Automatic, consistent and efficient execution of predefined test cases leads to analysis-ready test results
Artificial Intelligence Recognition of patterns in large amounts of data and derivation of forecasts (with data science methods or UDF)
Intelligent Pricing Intelligent algorithms design dynamic price recommendations based on price strategies, definitions and deadlines
Intelligent Data Modelling Verification of the integrity of data and detection of inconsistencies and irregularities
- Integrity of receipt data up to financial accounting for revision
- Irregularities in sales data
- Irregularities in the logistics document chain
- Inconsistencies in the master data
Intelligent Replenishment Based on standard SAP, enriched with AI and analytics – goods in the right place at the right time
Chatbots Use artificial intelligence to facilitate natural conversations and provide ideal support for customers and users
Sales Audit Solution The automated solution for quick and easy archiving of receipt data, compliant with GoBD and versatile in use
Analytics Evaluation of large amounts of data from different systems to determine business benefits
Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) Validate, extract & classify unstructured data from documents to obtain structured data for analyses and applications
Process Mining Tools from UiPath or SAP Signavio support the analysis of process data in order to identify and correct deviations effectively


In our assessments, we determine together how we can generate the greatest benefit for you based on these services. Your optimal start: measuring your digital maturity level – as a first step and benchmark for the success of your digital transformation.

We introduce you to the precise procedure during the assessments based on our proof-of-value as an example:

In a total of five phases, the proof-of-value delivers results that enable a valid decision on how the respective digital service can be integrated into your process landscape and which – qualitative and quantitative – goals can be achieved with it.


Illustration: Approach in the proof-of-value


Do you want to optimise your processes using the new digital technologies the sooner the better? Then please feel free to get in touch with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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